Traveling With Your Pet

We receive many sad stories of pets getting lost while traveling.  Some animals get lost at rest stops, on highways and others during automobile accidents.   

These sad stories can totally be avoided!  Please make sure to do the following for your pet before you hit the road. 

For Dogs

Purchase a harness that has a seatbelt attachment.  Dogs should be secured by a seatbelt or crated.  If you are in an accident, they can become a projectile that will not only injury your dog but also you.   If they are not secured, they will run out the car door as soon as it is opened.  They suffer shock the same as humans.   
Check out this video to see how a vehicle restraint works and see the mobility your pooch will have in the car.  
Vehicle Restraint demonstration video.  

When at a rest stop, keep your dog leashed for potty breaks.  Your dog may be very obedient with you off the leash at home but in unfamiliar places they can get spooked and run off.  

For Cats

Keep your cat secure in a hard crate with a metal door.  Cats can get loose in a soft crate and as soon as you open the door they will dart out of the car.  Do not remove them from their crate until you have arrived in a safe, secure room where they cannot run out and escape.

You can purchase a Dog Vehicle Restraint at the Lost Pet Found Pet Store along with a harness.  
Click on the link below to get to the store.