We help to REUNITE lost and found PETS with their FAMILIES!

Lost Pet Found Pet helps to reunite lost and found pets such as dogs, cats, birds and ferrets with their families through social media. We offer helpful tips on how to find your pets, share success stories and offer information on how to prevent your pet from getting lost in the future.

How Do I Find
My Lost Pet?
I Found a Pet
What Do I Do?

We know the feeling of sleepless nights, fear and stress of having a lost pet.  Lost Pet Found Pet is here to help you in the process of finding your fur baby or feathered friend.  We offer advice on immediate action you need to take to find your pet as well as success stories that will give you better ideas on where to look.

Our Lost Pet Found Pet Facebook fan page offers the ability to post immediate information about your missing pet. Our fans are a community of concerned animal lovers who eagerly share your information with their friends.   The power of others sharing your post can make all the difference in finding your pet.   

Lost Pet Found Pet also shares success stories that will give you not only hope but also ideas to enhance your search.  We also offer tips on preventing your pet from going missing and suggestions of products that if they should go missing, will bring them home quickly.

Click on our Facebook link for up to the minute posts on lost and found pets.  You can also report your lost or found pet on this link.   

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