Tips To Find Your Cat

When a house cat disappears they are typically very close to your home.  They are usually afraid and they hide in silence. They tend to hide in bushes, under cars, in trees or under decks.  Sometimes they can get trapped in a shed or a neighbors garage.  

It is helpful to leave small amounts of food, water and a towel or toy with their scent around your house, patio or garage.  You can leave your garage door open just enough for your cat to safely get inside.   

Outdoor cats can also be nearby but displaced from their territory.  They may have been chased from their territory and are hiding blocks away.  It is very important to knock on your neighbors doors and also post flyers in your neighborhood.  Make sure to also leave flyers at local vet offices in the area as well as shelters and rescue groups.

Lost Pet Found Pet has had many reunions posted where a cat will eventually return on their own with in a few days or a few weeks.  Do not give up hope!

In addition to posting flyers, make sure to post on our Facebook page right away.

If you live in a gated community or have a homeowners association, ask if the association to email an alert to all the residents in your community.  If you have a guard, leave them with flyers of your lost pet.   

Try NEXT DOOR which is a Neighborhood site.  This is like a Facebook for your neighborhood. 

Many local papers will offer a free Lost/Found ad for a period of time.

We also recommend that you check with local rescue groups and animal shelters daily.  Someone may find your cat and think that he or she is a stray.

We have had many cases where someone will find a pet in one city or county and bring them to a shelter in another county 30 or miles away from where they were found.  This person may mean well but it puts a pet a risk of never returning home.  They can either be put up for adoption or euthanized within days of being in the shelter.   

The most successful reunions posted on our fan page for cats are a result of the following...

  • Cats returning home on their own
  • Leaving items outside the house with their scent
  • Microchips
  • Posting on social media such as LOST PET FOUND PET on Facebook.  Social media offers immediate power of the share in other peoples news feeds.
  • We highly recommend a FREE service called LostMyDoggie.Com.  They will create a flyer for you and they will also send Email/Fax alerts to local shelters, vets, groomers and rescues in your area within 30 minutes.