Tips To Find Your Bird

If your bird escapes notify your neighbors immediately! A tame bird, when hungry, often times will approach a human for food. 

Make sure to post flyers in your area, at local vet offices and rescue groups. 

Here are suggestions for when you physically search for your bird...

  • Make familiar sounds for your bird when searching your neighborhood.  Be sure to bring along a favorite treat or toy.  
  • Check neighbors houses for bird feeders where your pet could possibly be going for a food source.
  • Put your bird’s cage outside so if he’s nearby he can see it. Many times, your bird may be near but too scared to even vocalize to let you know it. The cage and familiar toys will help to entice him.
  • If you have another bird that is a mate or friend, bring them outside, caged, of course. Only do this when you are there to supervise.  Never leave the other bird outside alone.
  • If you have any pets  that your bird may fear, bring them in so they won’t scare your bird away.
In addition to posting flyers, make sure to post on our Facebook page right away.

If you live in a gated community or have a homeowners association, ask if the association to email an alert to all the residents in your community.  If you have a guard, leave them with flyers of your lost pet.   

Many local papers will offer a free Lost/Found ad for a period of time.

The most successful reunions posted on our fan page for birds are a result of the following...

  • Contacting neighbors
  • Posting on social media such as LOST PET FOUND PET on Facebook.  Social media offers immediate power of the share in other peoples news feeds.