Tips For Flyers

Posting flyers is one of the most successful ways to find your pet when they go missing.   If you pet went missing from your home, make sure to post flyers at all the major roads and intersections in your neighborhood.  Leave flyers at local vet offices within a few miles of your home and also leave them at the local shelters and rescue groups.  Many stores do not allow you to post but it doesn't hurt to ask.  Remember, if you don't ask you don't get. 

Here are some key points to post on your flyer...

  • Top of page put your header in BOLD letters with the description of LOST or FOUND.
  • A Picture of your pet!
  • Add a description of your pet, breed, colors and markings.  Include their name.
  • Your contact information.  Any phone numbers, cell and home.  Also include your email address. 
  • Where and when was your pet last seen?
  • REWARD!  If you are offering a reward, post it at the top of the page. 

Free Flyer Templates to Download...