Success Stories

LOST PET FOUND PET has had many reunion stories over the years.  If you are missing your pet, please see some of the success stories below that can help give you ideas for your search.  Also go to our Facebook fan page for more recent success stories! 


REUNITED! Martha's Vineyard, MA

"Bro, my poodle, went missing about two weeks ago on Martha's Vineyard, MA"


"Friday the 13th is my lucky day. Laurie from Tisbury Animal Control called me to let me know that someone turned Bro in.  A family in Edgartown has had him for the last two weeks. He followed a family member to their car in West Chop. When they saw an ad in the paper, they turned him in. I'm so relieved and happy to have my dog back. Words can't express my gratitude for all the help, love and support I have received in the three weeks that Bro has been missing - from both strangers and friends. This island has taught me the true meaning of COMMUNITY.  It's incredible. I've never felt more at home in my life."

REUNITED! Annville, PA

"A male dog was found on September 9th, 2013."


"We took him to the vet as suggested by you and he had a microchip!  The vet scanned him and gave us his owners information and he is now home with his family."


"Chocolate brown Pom went missing from my yard yesterday. He went missing with my puppy who was found by himself. I think he has been stolen because my dogs never leave each other."

UPDATE: The Power of the Share!

The power of the share on FB..."Someone saw my Facebook post of my dog.  I contacted the lady who had my dog and she kept telling me it was not my dog. She said I was more than welcome to come look at him to make sure. When I went to her house he came running to me and was licking on me. She was upset...she said she was planning on keeping him.  I had with me all the proof of him being mine. She finally gave my dog back to me."


"Please help me find Finnigan. He's an all black cat. He's about 12 yrs old."

UPDATE: Be patient, sometimes they return on their own

"Finny has came back home tonight. Very happy. Thank you everyone for your support."


REUNITED! Long Beach, CA

"Lost on 11/7/13 in the Carson are of Long Beach."

UPDATE: November 9th, He's Home! Flyers Work! 

"Day 3 of my search I took your advice and printed up 'Lost' flyers.  The first store I went to told me that someone had been in yesterday with my Willie.  He was referred to a specialist.  My husband contacted him and the specialist gave us the gentleman's phone number!  He gladly brought Willie back to us within 30 minutes.  Thank you for being here, Lost Pet Found Pet.  I should have posted flyers earlier as you suggested.  I'm ever grateful for good people and good neighbors who stepped up and know that behind ever lost pet is a broken heart who needs to be reunited with their pet.  After my experience, my advice is to ADVERTISE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  Thanks a million to all of you who cared, shared and to Lost Pet Found Pet for providing this service!"   Regina   

REUNITED! Rio Rancho, New Mexico 

"Rosie got out of the house on Tuesday, 11/4/13.  She is an 11 year old sable and white shetland Sheepdog."

UPDATE: Posted Flyer at a shelter brings an unusual reunion! 

"Rosie was found on 11/7/13! She managed to find her way into a dog lovers home who is 7 miles from us. She wandered into his backyard, entered a home through their doggie door and when the owner came home from work, he found her lying on his couch! He tracked us down via the local shelter that had one of our flyers.  Thank you, Terry, for watching over our shy little girl! "  Jannett

"Our 20 year old cat, Snickers is missing from Lakeside, Montana. We just moved here 2 weeks ago from Silicon Valley, California."

DATE: Flyers Work! 

5.18.14 "A local neighbor called us after his neighbor saw our flyer
! Snickers was with him for the past 10 days & he became very attached to Snickers. Treated him very well & spoiled him rotten. He's even offered to cat sit in the future. Appears to be quite a wonderful man!"

REUNITED!  3/21/17