Prevent: Losing Your Pet


      Make sure that your property and house is secure.  Fenced or gate doors can accidentally be left open by utility and yard workers, door to door solicitors or postal delivery workers.  Always check your gate doors before you let your dogs out.  Keep an eye out for areas that may be open under fences due to shifting soil or digging.  

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     In your house, make sure that doors and unscreened windows are not accidentally left open for any period of time.  

     During transportation, keep your pets safely secure.  Cats need to be in a sturdy carrier so they can't escape.  Dogs should  wear a harness with a seatbelt attachment.  Never attach the pet seatbelt to a collar as a collar could choke your dog during an accident or with a quick stop.  

     We never plan on accidents but they do happen.  We receive many sad stories of pets getting lost after car accidents. Animals panic and are frightened just like humans and if they have a chance to escape, they will flee to find a
safe place to hide.  


  Be prepared during severe storms, thunder      storms and holiday fireworks.  Dogs and cats  are are stressed during these times and want to  run and hide.  Make sure you keep them secure  in your home.  If you must leave the house,  keep all doors and windows closed and play  music or keep the TV on to help keep them  calm.  

     When you are out and about with your pets, 
  keep dogs secure on a leash.  Dogs and cats 
  can also stay secured in a pet stroller.  

        Make sure that your pet is properly tagged    and microchipped.  These are the fastest ways  of having your pets returning home safely

For Birds

The safest way to keep your bird from escaping is keeping their wings clipped.  Microchips are available for larger birds but not recommended for smaller ones.  You can also have a band placed on their leg but there are concerns of the band getting caught on another object.  The safest method is keeping their wings clipped.