How Do I Find My Lost Pet?

There are different methods to search for your lost pet depending on the type of pet you have.  Please go to our additional pages to find the link that is specific to your pet type. 

We recommend taking the following actions as soon as your pet goes missing.  
  • Post flyers immediately in the area your pet was lost.
  • Leave flyers at all the veterinarian offices, shelters and rescue groups in your area.  
  • Notify your neighbors. Knock on doors to let them know your pet is missing.  
  • If you live in a gated community or have a homeowners association, ask if the association to email an alert to all the residents in your community.  If you have a guard, leave them with flyers of your lost pet.   
  • Use social media! Post your pets information and picture on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.  Social media can help your message go "viral" to thousands of people in minutes!
  • Make sure to post on our Facebook page right away.
  • Contact your local newspapers.  Many times they will offer a lost/found pet ad at no charge.
  • Contact local rescue groups.  Sometimes they can be overzealous and take in a lost or injured pet thinking they are stray or abandoned.  
  • Contact your local Police Department! Many times people will call them to report a lost pet and officers on patrol may see your pet roaming.  Some departments have their own procedures in place for helping lost pets.  Click on the video link to find out more.  Police Department Saves Lost and Abandoned Pets. 

Ask the Experts!

Watch this video with advice from veterinarians who talk about their success stories!

BEWARE of services such as pet detectives, search dogs and Pet Amber alerts.  If someone is confident that they are able to find your pet, offer them a reward once your pet is safely returned to you.  In all the years we have been posting lost and found pets on Facebook, we have yet to have a report of a pet being reunited with one of these services.  There are Pet Alerts provided by microchip companies that are very helpful in getting your information and flyers out within your community.  These services are inexpensive and many times are included in the price when you register your pets microchip.  

Ask for your community's help. Most people will turn down your reward money when they find your pet.